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Easy Strumming
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Moving furniture out a foot or so soon provides a kind of Chinese puzzle-box problem due to the size of the room. First the big bureau with books and meds lined up, with mustard and a small, one-cup coffee-maker on top. These items, along with other items of assorted bits of junk (nail clippers, etc.) are arrayed in rough formation like soldiers in an irregular outfit. Pulling the dresser toward me launches several of these to the right and onto the floor. The top drawer slides forward and nearly spills its contents, among which are a series of old photographs Iíve been packing around with me for months.

The top one is a shot from 24 years ago, myself onstage with a Stratocaster, my sister to my left on a Fender bass, behind us, my late brother Paul on drums. Paul was the best drummer Iíve ever played with, and Iíve played with some good ones. Iím not just saying that because he was/is my brother. Itís true. Not in this shot is our lesbian/recovering alcoholic lead singer. The band is Strange Brew, and weíre onstage at some bar in Chicago, possibly a lesbian bar. We played quite a few of those. I am 36 or 37 years old in these shots, a quickly trotting-toward-middle-age rascal. Iím hardly the only drunk in the Brew, however; just one of us doesnít drink. Actually, we were quite popular doing originals and covers both and booked quite a bit around the city in 1986 and 1987.

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