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Precise Movements
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“We actually used a total of six slides within the space, three on each side. The slides ride on each other in the manner of drawer slides that are stacked to extend the distance they can open a drawer. Our configuration achieves an extension of the movement approximately equal to the length of three slides. Instead of a 1/2" stroke, we could get a 1-1/2" stroke – within a very small footprint. Low mass, low load, and very low profile were all required for this application,” Carlson explains.

Carlson says that the reason that they chose these particular guides was that they were some of the smallest slides that he could find. His one caveat was that he wanted to work with one of the slide suppliers that Honeybee had worked with before – not wanting to take chances on a new supplier. It also had to be a guide that – even though this was a prototype – was completely made of stainless steel. Plastics are generally avoided unless they are specially chosen and approved. As for lunar dust tolerance, the whole electrical connector assemblage will be sealed in a bellows to protect it from the harsh lunar regolith.

The standard SEBS guides major advantage is that they have a standard radial clearance that is twice as accurate as other standard miniature guides. Most manufactures do not claim that their pre-load eliminates all clearance. Their standards are plus to minus – meaning there is some preload so there is no gap – which allows gaps or clearance to exist. NB’s guides are from zero to minus as a standard, making for greater accuracy since there is no clearance. In other words, a negative clearance means the ball is larger than the space, adding more pressure and greater rigidity. This increased rigidity is desirable in high precision applications. NB’s standard fabrication requires more control in the assembly and manufacturing process in order to adhere to this higher quality standard.

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