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The Amazing Spider-Man V Fan Story
2011-5-6 11:32:34   Hit:1
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It’s late at night and Peter is asleep. But then he hears the door slam. He gets up and sees Harry walk out of the dorm with a full bag. “Harry!?”Peter runs out of the room and keeps calling his name. “Harry! Where have you been?!” Harry starts to walk faster. “Wait!” Peter stops and watches him leave without saying anything. Mary Jane walks out of her dorm. “What are you yelling about its like 11:00 PM?” “I saw Harry!” “What? Where is he?” Peter pauses. “…He left without saying anything…” Mary Jane starts to frown. “I just…don’t know what he’s going through.”

Meanwhile at OsCorp, Harry walks into his dad’s old office and clicks the button in the drawer. The mirror drawer slides open. He puts his stuff down and pulls out some spray paint and other utensils. He grabs the goblin gear and starts to change it’s colors. Harry starts to smile menacingly.
The next day at the NYC State Prison, Adrian is in the metal shop quietly taking pieces and stashing them in his pockets. “It’ll soon be time…” One of the guards comes over. “You say something, Toomes?” “Oh no, officer…nothing at all.”

Later that day, Peter and Gwen are at the college football game. “Why do we have to be here? You know I hate watching Flash.” “Fine! Pay attention to the others and pray that Liz does some good cheers.” Liz looks up and waves at Peter and Mary Jane. As the game comes back from its break, Flash is switched out with Harry as quarterback. “Wait! Is that Harry?! He’s on the football team!?” Peter starts to call out to Harry. Harry looks up and then looks back at the ball. “Blue 25…hut!” Harry throws the ball all the way down to Randy Robertson at the end of the field. After fifty minutes, Harry throws the winning pass. Everybody from the crowd cheers. The team surrounds Harry, but he pushes them out of the way and leaves the field. “Yo, Harry! Where ya going?”
It’s 10:00 PM and Adrian is preparing something in his cell. “Yes, yes…it’s time.” As soon as his watch beeped he heard a big boom. The alarm goes off. The guards come and start to shoot at Doc Ock. “Fools! Your guns won’t defeat me!” He knocks a wave of guards to the side as he climbed into the prison. He makes it to Toomes’s cell. “Hello, Adrian.” “Octavious…” Doc Ock rips open his cell and leads him to the roof.

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