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Furniture that looks old, works like new from L.A. maker
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All antique furniture wears with age - it's inevitable.
A scratch here, a ding there.

"We know most of the distressing on a chair happens at the bottom of the legs where it's been kicked by people's shoes ... and we know that the edge of a table has significant distressing because people rest their arms on it," says Keith Hudson, a furniture maker who co-owns and operates L.A.-based GLP Designs with his interior designer wife, Gayle.

Their specialty? Antique reproductions of late 17th- and early 18th-century Europe.

Whether it's English country or French Provincial-style pieces like the kind found in old farmhouses or the more refined furnishings of great houses, reproductions make it possible to comfortably appoint any room with the look and feel of a bygone period. The advantage, of course, is the furniture is new, generously proportioned to fit today's scale and sturdier than any original.
No bumpy wood on wood-drawer slides or wobbly tables and chairs here - or there. After all, showrooms across the country display Old World-style furniture from makers like French Heritage, Laurel Crown and Furniture Classics Limited.

"People love that warm style for their kitchens and their family rooms and their breakfast rooms," says Gayle, standing in the West Hollywood showroom of Quackenbush & Winkler, where only a fraction of the company's 1,400 pieces are on display, including those from the newly launched A.D. Nouveau collection of 1940s and '50s-inspired continental furniture.

"Whatever else they may have going on in the rest of the house, it seems like there's always a demand for country, French and English throughout the country."

Interior designers often shop Quackenbush & Winkler looking for pieces for their clients' homes reminiscent of the styles popular 200 years ago.

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