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1 test steel. How many drawers can be load-bearing, mainly to see the good steel rail, different specifications of the drawer steel thickness, load-bearing are also different. When you purchase a drawer can be pulled out, beat by hand with a little bit at the top to see if you loose, bang bang sound or flip.
2. See material. Pulley material determines the comfort of sliding drawers. Plastic pulley, ball, wear nylon pulley is the most common of the three materials, including wear-resistant nylon for the top grade, sliding, quiet and silent. Look good or bad pulley, you can use a finger to pull the drawer should be no astringent sensation, no noise.
Pressure device Cabinet Hardware accessories , in addition to rail, closely related drawers, hinges, there are many pneumatic and hydraulic devices like hardware. These components are constantly evolving to adapt the cabinet design approach arising mainly used to open the door and turn the plate on the vertical lift gate. Some devices have three or more points of brake position, also known as "random stop." Pressure devices installed cabinets, saving quiet, very suitable for the elderly to use
Select points Pressure device to see really easy to use, the more try! Effort to see if the brake is easy. But note that, despite the good pressure device, but more expensive.

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